NEWS RELEASE – Casavant calls on BC to care for orphaned bears abandoned at rest stop near Banff

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The former BC Conservation officer who made headlines for refusing to kill two orphaned bear cubs is once again in the spotlight calling on the BC government to rehabilitate three cubs recently abandoned near Banff, rather than let them be euthanized or sent to a zoo.

Bryce Casavant says that since Alberta has no permitted facilities to rehabilitate cubs, the BC government should step up and allow the bears to be raised at a facility here before being released into the wild.

“These animals deserve better than to be sent to a zoo, or put down. They deserve our respect, and our care, and we have the resources here in B.C. to do that,” said Casavant, who trained at the same academy as Alberta fish and wildlife officers. “There’s a permitted place for them to go in B.C.; all the Clark government has to do is issue a transportation permit. But so far they’ve refused to help.”

The four-pound cubs were abandoned in a rest stop bathroom near Banff a week ago and are being held by Parks Canada until a decision is made about their future.



Bryce Casavant

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